Organizations that are peer and equivalent to “Amazing Gaia“:

  • Believe in Man.
    Believe in Man is a non-profit organization aiming to remind modern man the great power that is available inside him and help him use it to the benefit of all mankind.
    Believe in Man actively helps materially, financially and psychologically people in need.
  • EL ZEEN.
    EL ZEEN (Hellenic Good Living) is a non profit organization that aims to communicate to people practices, methods, knowledge and a healthy nutrition way in order to be healthy in Body, Mind and Soul.
    EL ZEEN promotes health and safety in both personal and working fields.
  • Welcome to Life.
    The main purpose of this non-profit organization is to promote the Prenatal Education, giving the opportunity to new parents to bring into the world the new generation under the best circumstances, and helping them to avoid creating ”Birth Trauma” to the new borns. The “Birth Trauma” is generated during our birth and usually follows us throughout our lives.
    Welcome to Life is also trying to help parents in their important work of educating the new ones.

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